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Camarda G., Bolotnikov A., Cui J., Gul R., Hossain A., Kim K., Marchini L., Xu L., Yang G., James R. Study of the Internal E-Field in Planar and Pixellated CdZnTe Detectors. In: IEEE 2010 NSS MIC RTSD (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, October 30 - November 6 2010).
The local and global internal E-field in CdZnTe (CZT) can be affected by the surface quality, contact geometry, and dislocations, leading to reduction of efficiency of local charge-collection and, thus, the devices performances. We measured CZT detectors with planar electrode contacts and observed non-uniformities in the X-ray response maps corresponding to fluctuations in the collected charge. To confirm and interpret the presence of the distortion of the internal E-field, we employed a high-intensity X-ray beam collimated down to a 10-micrometer spot size for Micron-scale X-ray Detector Mapping (MXDM) to measure CZT detectors with a pixel-anode electrode. For all the detectors measured, we observed a distorted X-ray response map, confirming the non-uniformity in the charge transport of the CZT detectors. X-ray response maps of the detectors, which reflected the non-uniformity of the charge transport, were correlated with the White X-ray Diffraction Topography (WXDT) images, which disclose the dislocations. The techniques and the role of dislocations on planar- and pixellated-electrode detectors will be presented.
Subject CdZnTe
X-ray detectors

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