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Varvaro G., Albertini F., Agostinelli E., Casoli F., Fiorani D., Laureti S., Lupo P., Ranzieri P., Testa A. Magnetic domain structure and magnetization reversal in Fe/L10-FePt exchange-coupled systems. In: NANO 2010 - NANO 2010- X International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (Roma, Italy, 13-17 settembre 2010).
In the present work, the L10-FePt alloy has been chosen as hard magnetic component because of its high magnetocrystalline anisotropy (KFePt ≈ 7x107 erg/cm3) and its perpendicular easy axis magnetization when grown on a single-crystalline MgO (100) substrate. Fe films with different thickness (= 2, 3.5 and 5 nm) have been deposited at room temperature on a quasi-continuous L10-FePt layer (Kperp ∼ 3.5x107 erg/cm3) in order to investigate the influence of tFe on the magnetization reversal mechanism and the magnetic domain configuration. Increasing Fe thickness, the MFM images become more noisy, indicating an increasing canting of the Fe surface moments as Fe thickenss becomes larger than the calculated exchange length (∼ 3 nm).
Subject Magnetic domain
exchange-coupled systems.

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