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Tiberto P., Boario L., Celegato F., Coisson M., De Leo N., Vinai F., Albertini F., Casoli F., Ranzieri P., Allia P. FePt nanodots arrays by self-assembling of polystyrene nanospheres. In: JEMS - Joint European Magnetic Symposia (Krakow, Poland, 23-28 Agosto 2010).
In this work patterned L10 FePt films were obtained by assembling PN nanospheres (starting mean diameter ≈ 500 nm, reduced in selected samples by reactive ion etching) monolayer on a continuous thin film (thickness 10 nm). Dot arrays were obtained by submitting the film to sputter etching with Ar+ ions. SEM, AFM, MFM and AGFM was exploited to study the array.
Subject FePt nanodots

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