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Di Bona A., Luches P., Gazzadi G. C., Albertini F., Casoli F., Lupo P., Valeri S. Ion induced, spatially resolved, hard-to-soft transition in FePt films with perpendicular anisotropy. In: NANO 2010 - NANO 2010- X International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (Roma, Italy, 13-17 settembre 2010).
FePt films of 10 and 20 nm thickness have been epitaxially grown on MgO(001) by RF sputtering and shows high uniaxial perpendicular anisotropy.Ion irradiation is found to be effective in turning the chemically ordered, magnetically hard, L10 phase into the cubic A1 phase, the latter being magnetically soft with in-plane magnetic anisotropy. In-depth-graded, hard-to- soft FePt magnetic films have been produced by uniform irradiation with broad Ar+ beams. A model for the dependence of S from the irradiation dose is given.
Subject FePt
Ion beam
hard to soft transition

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