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Chiesi V., Albertini F., Casoli F., Ranzieri P., Riva C., Paci D., Marchesi M., Pirotta S., Morelli M. Growth and characterization of magnetic thin films for application in a current micro-sensor. In: NanotechItaly 2010 (Venezia Mestre, 20-22 Ottobre 2010).
The birth of new electrical motor, for an energy efficient electrical car, needs the development of new technologies able to obtain high control of electrical currents. The ENIAC JU PF7 project "E3 car" aims at creating a breakthrough in the development of nanoelectronics technologies, devices, miniaturized sub systems for the next generation electric vehicles and accelerates the commercialising of the electric vehicles segment [1]. The role of STMicroelectronics and IMEM-CNR is to develop new current micro-sensors with planar geometry and magnetic flux concentrator. The device should have small size, wide current range, high sensitivity, low power consumption, high frequency operation. For these reasons the development of a new magnetic material concentrator is necessary. Many materials were taken into consideration [2]. Small coercitivity (less than 800 A/m), small saturation field (less than 3000 A/m), high magnetic permeability (around 10000) are the needed magnetic characteristics. The best characteristics were found in cobalt based metallic glasses. These alloys are usually made in ribbon form, but the identified best sensor geometry is planar thus, to obtain their direct integration, it is necessary to grow the material in form of thin film. This integration of magnetic films grown by sputtering with silicon-based technology is a new and interesting purpose of this research.
Subject Soft magnetic thin films
Magnetic Domains
Current micro-sensor

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