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Albertini F., Kamarad J., Arnold Z., Fabbrici S. Giant pressure effects and reverse martensitic transformation in Co and In-doped NiMnGa multifunctional alloys. In: JEMS - Joint European Magnetic Symposia (Cracow, Poland, August 23 - 28 2010).
We have recently shown that for Mn-rich NiMnGa multifunctional alloys, Co substitution produces important changes in magnetism and structure, giving rise to a peculiar phase diagram showing reverse magnetostructural transformations and allowing to tune the magnetocaloric effect from direct to inverse [S. Fabbrici et al., Appl. Phys. Lett., 95 (2009) 022508]. In this contribution, we present the effects of hydrostatic pressure (up to 1 GPa) on magnetism and martensitic transformation in Ni50-xCoxMn25+yGa25-y (5
Subject Heusler alloys
Magnetic shape memory
Reverse martensitic transformation

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