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Bernu S., Foury-Leylekian P., Fertey P., Licci F., Gauzzi A., Akrap A., Berger H., Forro L., Pouget J. Charge ordering in substituted and non-stoichiometric BaVS3. In: Europhysics Letters, vol. 89 (2) article n. 27006. IOP, 2010.
Among the correlated electronic systems, BaVS3 which exhibits both itinerant and localized states as well as a subtle interplay betwen charge, orbital, spin and lattice degrees of freedom, is a model system. Its electronic structure consists in a broad quasi-one-dimensional (1D) d(z2) band and two quasi-degenerate narrow e(t(2g)) bands. Pure BaVS3 exhibits a metal-insulator transition (MIT) driven by a Peierls instability in the d(z2) band. We present a structural investigation showing that in chemically substituted Ba1-xSrxVS3 and in non-stoichiometric BaVS3-delta, the commensurate Peierls distortion of BaVS3 is replaced by an incommensurate modulation that we attribute to a charge ordering (CO) of the localized e(t(2g)) electrons. This unexpected structural feature is discussed in relationship with the concomitant drastic change of magnetic properties of the system.
DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/89/27006
Subject Ferroelectricity

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