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Korytar D., Ferrari C., Mikulik P., Vagovic P., Dobrocka E., Ac V., Konopka P., Abrosimov N. Linearly graded GeSi beam expanding/compressing x-ray monochromator. In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 43 (1) pp. 176 - 178. IUCR, 2010.
In standard single-crystal V-channel germanium (220) X-ray beam-expanding/ compressing monochromators for Cu K⓫ radiation, a total beam expansion/ compression of 5 and 10 corresponding to the asymmetry angles of 9 and 12 is achieved, respectively. Higher one-dimensional beam expansion/compression is achievable using larger angles of asymmetry at the expense of a decrease in the total intensity. To increase the intensity, a linearly graded Ge-rich GexSi1-x single crystal was used to prepare a monochromator with 15 asymmetry angles (total expansion/compression factor of 21) for Cu K⓫ radiation. The X-ray diffraction measurements show more than three times higher peak intensity at the output compared with that of a pure Ge monochromator.
DOI: 10.1107/S0021889809048109
Subject X-ray monochromator, SiGe alloy

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