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Martinez O., Hortelano V., Jimenez J., Parra V., Pelosi C., Attolini G., Attolini G., Prutskij T. Effect on Ordering of the Growth of GaInP Layers on (111)-GaAs Faces. In: Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 39 (6) pp. 671 - 676. TMS, 2010.
GaInP, an essential material for multijunction structures of III-V compounds for solar cells, can achieve better photovoltaic responses when grown on (111)GaAs faces, due to the large internal electric fields generated by the off-diagonal strain. In this work, we explored metalorganic chemical vapor deposition growth of GaInP layers on (001)-, (111)Ga-, and (111)As-GaAs substrates, using different phosphine flow rates. The structural and optical properties of the layers have been studied by micro-Raman spectroscopy, microphotoluminescence, and cathodoluminescence. Problems such as composition control, growth rate, and the presence of ordered phases are addressed.
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