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Diaz-Castanon S., Watts B. E., Melioli E. Ensayos para la obtención de nanofibras en el IMEM utilizando la técnica de "Electrospinning". Rapporto interno n. 119. Technical report, 2009.
Electrospinning is a well known and with a long history technique used for the synthesis of fibers and tissues of diverse materials. However, recently the rediscovery of electrospinning is associated to the potential of this technique to obtain fibers in the nanometer size range for applications such as catalysis, electronic sensors and magnetic materials. The simplicity and low cost of this model is the principal motivation to develop a method for the synthesis of nanofibers in the Ferroelectrics group, at the IMEM Institute. Considering the familiarity of the group with the synthesis of magnetic and dielectric materials (bulk, thin films, nanoparticles, etc.), we attempted to fabricate magnetic nanofibers in the first part of the work. For this reason in here we report the conditions for the manufacture of nanofibers of magnetic hexaferrites (SrFe12O19 and BaFe12O19) and the preliminary results discussed. The microscopic observations in the two systems show tissues with fibers in the nanometer range (≤ 100 nm) in the "as-deposited state". That size should be reduced with the thermal treatments necessary to crystallize the fibers. Structural and magnetic measurements are in progress in order to certify the final size and the final properties of the material obtained.
Subject Electrospinning technique

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