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Celasco E., Giurdanella S., Chiodoni A., Allia P., Casoli F., Albertini F. Magnetic characterizations on FePt dots. In: ICM 2009 - International Conference on Magnetism (Karlsruhe, Germany, 26/31 luglio 2009).
FePt dots of different array geometries and and dot size were produced on SiO2/Si substrate by electron beam/optical lithography, RF sputtering deposition of FePt layers of different thickness, and lift off process. During deposition the substrate was alternately oscillated in front of the Fe and Pt targets, with a nominal thickness of the elemental layer around 2 A ,and a repetition number depending on the chosen thickness. After lifting-off, the resulting FePt dots were annealed in Ar atmosphere at 1.410−2mbar at a temperature of 420 C for 90 minutes. The samples properties have been studied by AFM and MFM, before and after annealing, employing Veeco Scanning Probe Microscope (Nanoman II). In as-deposited samples there is no appreciable magnetic contrast in the MFM images, because of the dominating in-plane shape anisotropy. After annealing, a clear contrast appears in the MFM images, indicating the formation of the ordered L10 phase with high anisotropy. The magnetic domain evolution has been studied as a function of dot thickness.
Subject FePt alloy
Magnetic Recording

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