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Fabbrici S., Albertini F., Casoli F., Nasi L., Chernenko V., Righi L., Solzi M., Cervantes J., Besseghini S., Gambardella A. NiMnGa thin films deposited on MgO: effects of growth parameters on magnetism and structure. In: ICFSMA '09 - 2nd ICFSMA '09-International Conference of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys (Bilbao, Spagna, 1-3 luglio 2009).
NiMnGa alloys have attracted a great interest fof huge magnetic-field-induced strains and giant magnetocaloric effects, due to the strong interplay between magnetic and structural degrees of freedom. NiMnGa thin films represent a new interesting topico f research for the promosing applications in the field of sensors and actuators. In the present paper the effects of growth parameters and thickness on Curie and trasformation temperatures, magnetism, and domain structure will be discussed.
Subject Heusler alloys, NiMnGa thin films, martensitictrasformations

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