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Ghezzi C., Parisini A., Tarricone L., Gombia E., Baldini M., Vantaggio S. Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Electron Levels in Semiconductor Quantum Wells. In: IEEE NANO 2009 - 9th Nanotechnology Conference (Genoa, 26-30 July 2009).
Photocurrent spectroscopy investigation of InGaP/ GaAs Multi-Quantum-Well (MQW), formed by an alternate sequence of nominally undoped 12 nm /8 nm thick InGaP/GaAs layers, is reported. The MQW, interposed between two p+ and n+ InGaP cladding layers, were grown lattice matched on n+-GaAs substrates through Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy by using tertiarybutyl-arsine and tertiarybutyl-phosphine as alternative precursors for the V group elements. The analysis of experimental data, taken in the temperature range 10-300 K, shows a low structural disorder and a good reliability of the grown structures, which prove an optimum control of the desired design of the grown MQWs and the powerful features of the photocurrent spectroscopy technique.
Subject Electron
Quantum wells

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