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Righi L., Albertini F., Paoluzi A., Fabbrici S., Villa E., Calestani G., Besseghini S. Incommensurate and commensurate structural modulation of martensitic phases in FSMA. In: ICFSMA '09 - 2nd International conference on Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy (Bilbao, Spagna, 1-3 luglio 2009).
Magnetic and structural properties in multifunctional FSMA beloging to Heusler family are frequently related to the occurence of structural modulation in martensitic phases. I twill be presented an overview illustrating structural features of several displacive modulated martensitic lattices. For some specific NiMnGa compositions, the evolution of structural modulation upon temperature change will be illustrated.
Subject Heusler alloy
martenstic structure
structural modulation

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