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Francesca C., Lupo P., Albertini F., Nasi L., Fabbrici S., Bolzoni F., Cabassi R., Bocchi C., Orna J., Algarabel P., Morellon L. Optimizing FePt film morphology for magnetic recording media and spintronic devices. In: ECOSS 26 - 26 European conference on surface science (Parma, 30 agosto- 4 settembre 2009).
The FePt L10-alloy has attracted wide interest for its basic and application-oriented properties. After preparing the material in thin film form, its large magnetocrystalline anisotropy could be in fact exploited in high-density recording media and thermally stable electrodes for magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs). For this reason, the study of surface quality in thin FePt films for MTJs electrodes and exchangecoupled hard/soft media, where the hard layer is based on FePt, is largely important. In this work well-ordered epitaxial films with perpendicular easy-axis orientation have been obtained, and the films morphology and surface roughness have been modified in a controlled way by changing growth temperature, using in situ annealing and changing the substrate (MgO or SrTiO3). The role of lattice mismatch in determining structure, morphology and magnetic properties will be analysed.
Subject Surface magnetism

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