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Casoli F., Orna J., Algarabel P., Morellon L., Lupo P., Fabbrici S., Albertini F. Roughness reduction in FePt thin films epitaxially grown by sputtering on suitable substrates. In: ICM 2009 - The International Conference on Magnetism - 2009 (Karlsruhe, Germany, 26-31 luglio 2009).
FePt L10 has been attracting interest for applications as magnetic recording media and nanomagnets,exploiting high anisotropy arising from ordered structure. Moreover FePt-L10 electrodes could represent a solution to the recent problem of magnetization thermal fluctuation in magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ). The possibility of changing morphology and reducing roughness by in situ annealing after high temperature growth has been shown for 10 nm FePt films. The aim of the present paper is to obtain by sputtering fully-ordered continuous thin films with further reduced roughness to be used in heterostructures where interface sharpness plays a crucial role(e.g.MTJ). Roughness in the desired range (0.2-0.6nm) and good structural properties were obtained for films grown on MgO and STO,while unsatisfactory results were obtained for LSAT substrates. The role of lattice mismatch,thickness, growth and annealing temperatures in determining morphology, structure,and magnetism will be discussed.
Subject FePt
Magnetic thin films

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