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Chernenko V. A., Oikawa K., Chmielus M., Besseghini S., Villa E., Albertini F., Righi L., Paoluzi A., Mullner P., Kainuma R., Ishida K. Properties of Co-alloyed Ni-Fe-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys. In: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, vol. 18 (5-6) pp. 548 - 553. Springer New York, 2009.
It is experimentally found that in the Ni54Fe20-xCoxGa26 ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, Co variation from 0 to 9 at.% leads to: (i) almost linear change of martensitic transformation temperatures from 270 C to 120 C; (ii) a non-monotonous change of the Curie temperature, and (iii) a linear decrease of saturation magnetization from 60 to 43 Am2/kg. The selected alloys grown as single crystals have been (magneto-)mechanically tested. The superelastic effect has been measured to be about 4%. The magneto-strain shows a training effect which is an evidence of the effect of magnetic-field-induced twin-boundary motion.
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/el7x74526397582g/fulltext.html
DOI: 10.1007/s11665-009-9425-7
Subject intermetallics
material selection
mechanical testing

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