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Parisini A., Ghezzi C., Tarricone L., Baldini M., Vantaggio S., Gombia E. Modulation frequency dependence of the photoelectrical response of GaAs/InGaP superlattices. In: Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 106 article n. 113709. American Institute of Physics, 2009.
Photoelectrical measurements were taken on a nominally undoped-InGaP/GaAs superlattice, inserted between two p+ and n+ InGaP cladding layers. The sequence of InGaP/GaAs alternated layers forming the superlattice was grown lattice matched on n+-GaAs substrates through low pressure-metal organic vapor phase epitaxy, at growth conditions previously optimized for obtaining sharp interfaces and negligible ordering effects in the cation sublattice of the InGaP layers. A peculiar dependence of both the photocurrent and the photovoltaic signals on the modulation frequency of the exciting light beam was observed and then interpreted according to proper equivalent electrical circuits. The effects induced by an incomplete depletion of the nominally undoped superlattice region are analyzed in detail, and the analogies between photoelectrical investigation and admittance spectroscopy are pointed out.
DOI: 10.1063/1.3260227
Subject InGaP/GaAs superlattices,admittance and photoelectrical measurements

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