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Reisinger T., Patel A. A., Reingruber H., Fladischer K., Ernst W. E., Bracco G., Smith H. I., Holst B. Poisson's spot with molecules. In: Physical Review A, vol. 79 article n. 053823. American Physical Society, 2009.
In the Poisson-spot experiment, waves emanating from a source are blocked by a circular obstacle. Due to their positive on-axis interference an image of the source (the Poisson spot) is observed within the geometrical shadow of the obstacle. In this paper we report the observation of Poisson's spot using a beam of neutral deuterium molecules. The wavelength independence and the weak constraints on angular alignment and position of the circular obstacle make Poisson's spot a promising candidate for applications ranging from the study of large molecule diffraction to patterning with molecules.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.79.053823
Subject matter wave diffraction
Fresnel diffraction

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