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Bocchi C., Catellani A., Germini F., Nasi L., Morrod J. K., Prior K. A., Calestani G. Metastable zinc-blende MgS structure: Combined experimental and theoretical study. In: Physical Review B, vol. 79 article n. 235310. American Physical Society, 2009.
MgS/ZnSe/GaAs multilayers with the MgS thickness ranging from 20 to 140 nm were grown at 300 C by molecular beam epitaxy on [001] GaAs substrates. The samples were studied by using several X-ray methods and transmission electron microscopy. The coexistence of metastable zinc-blende (ZB) and rock-salt (RS) MgS structural phases were evidenced and discussed. The analysis of reciprocal space maps of the x-ray intensity distribution around asymmetrical reciprocal lattice nodes allowed us to determine the strain status of the MgS layers and to show that the ZB-MgS phase were pseudomorphic in also the case of the thickest film. The lattice parameter of the pure -MgS phase ranging between 0.56333< aMgS <0.56367 nm was obtained by extrapolation from X-ray diffraction data, taking into account that there was a Zn incorporation during the MgS growth estimated in the range 0.005 ≤ xZn ≤ 0.02, and predicted ab initio elastic constants.
URL: http://The American Physical Society
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.235310
Subject Metastable lattice
Structural parameter

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