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Hermiz G. Y., Abbass M. M., Gilioli E. Superconductivity of (Bi0.7Pb0.3)2AgxSr2Ca2Cu3O10+ δ(0≤x≤ 0.5). In: Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi, vol. 64 (2) pp. 313 - 320. Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi, 2009.
Solid state reaction method was used to prepare high-Tc phases of (Bi0.7Pb0.3)2 AgxSr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) superconductors. The samples were studied to investigate the effect of Ag addition on the superconducting properties. The phase composition and the microstructure were analyzed by XRD and SEM/EDX, while the physical properties were determined by means of transport and magnetic measurements. The experimental data indicate that the Ag content infl uences the relative amount of competing phase (namely Bi-2223 and Bi-2212).
Subject BSCCO
High temperature superconductors

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