Istituto dei materiali per l'elettronica ed il magnetismo     
Bolzoni F., Cabassi R. Sistema differenziale a doppio dipolo per misure di campioni magnetici a basso momento. Patent n. DP2008A0004. Registered in CCIAA di Roma on 2008.
The device is built from a non-magnetic rod bearing two samples mounted at suitable distance.One of the two samples may be a magnetic compound inside a container or grown on a substrate, the other one will respectively consitst in an empty container or in a substrate without deposited material. The rod is moved through a pickup system made of three coils having equal diameters and connected in series, the two outer coils have equal number of clockwise turns, the inner coil has a double number of counter clockwise turns. The voltage induced by the rod movement through the pickup has a shape which depends on the magnetic moments of the two mounted samples, and is mathematically analyzed in order to extract them.
Subject SQUID

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