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Zappettini A., Zha M., Calestani D., Marchini L., Zanotti L., Paorici C. Boron Oxide Encapsulated Vertical Bridgman CdZnTe Crystals For X-Ray Detector Applications. In: 1st SIMP-AIC Joint Meeting (Sestri Levante (GE), 7-12 Settembre 2008). Abstract, pp. 189 - 189. Mediaprint Srl, 2008.
CdZnTe crystals are employed for the production of room temperature X-ray detectors and as substrates for infrared detectors. However, the exploitation of CdZnTe crystals for such applications is still limited by the low single-crystalline device-grade yield of the growth process. The authors had previously shown that is possible to grow CdZnTe crystals in a vertical Bridgman configuration by means of boron oxide encapsulation. Actually, the crystals are fully encapsulated by boron oxide, thus preventing any contact between the growing crystal and the ampoule wall.
Subject CdZnTe, X-ray detectors

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