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Artini C., Firpo F., Ubaldini A., Carnasciali M., Masini R., Costa G. Formation of the Ru-1222 superconducting phase by three different synthetic ways. In: 37CNF - 37 Congresso Nazionale di chimica fisica (Camogli (Ge), 24 - 29 Febbraio 2008). Abstract, p. 223. 2008.
The magnetic superconductor RuSr2Gd2-xCexCu2O10-d belongs to the so called Ru-1222 phase, that together with the 1212 phase forms the ruthenocuprate family. These classes received considerable attention in the last years because of their outstanding properties, in particular because of coexistence of superconducting and magnetic ordering.
Subject 74.70.-b

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