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Mosca R., Ferro P., Besagni T., Zappettini A., Licci F. Film deposition, X-ray diffraction and optical absorption of novel (R-NH3)2ZnCl4 hybrid perovskites. In: 1st SIMP-AIC Joint Meeting - Learning From And For The Placet Earth-Structures And Models In Earth, Materials And Life Science (Sestri Levante (GE), 7-12 Settembre 2008).
Organic-inorganic (CnH2n+1NH3)2MX4 hybrid perovskites (where M is a divalent metal and X a halide) are presently attracting much attention, due to their unique electronic properties and excellent film processability [1]. These self-assembling structures contain 2D semiconductor layers ((MX6)=) alternately stacked with organic ammonium layers. Excitons resulting from the low dimensionality of the semiconductor sheets have binding energy of several tenths eV, and are expected to have interesting potentialities for optoelectronic and electronic applications [2]. In this communication we report on the preparation and the basic X-ray and optical characterization of the novel (CnH2n+1NH3)2ZnCl4 (1
Subject Ibridi organico-inorganici
Ossidi nanostrutturati

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