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Bertelli M., Wenderoth M., Rizzi A., Homoth J., Loeptien P., Malindretos J., Ulbrich R., Righi M., Martin-Samos L., Bertoni C., Catellani A. Atomic and electronic structure of non-polar 6H-SiC(11-20) and GaN(1-100) surfaces. In: EPS - CMD 22, 2008 - The 22nd General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society (Roma (IT), 25 - 29 Agosto 2008).
Filled and empty states STM topographies with atomic corrugation were measured for non-polar 6H-SiC(11-20) and GaN(1-100) surfaces. The experimental STM topographies show unreconstructed surfaces for both 6H-SiC and GaN in agreement with theory.
Subject Surfaces

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