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Bertelli M., Loeptien P., Malindretos J., Wenderoth M., Ulbrich R., Rizzi A., Righi M., Catellani A. Atomic and electronic structure of the non-polar GaN(1-100) surface. In: DPG - Berlin 2008: Surface Science Division (DPG) (Berlin (DE), 25 - 29 Febbraio 2008).
Cross-section scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and scanning tunnelling spectroscopy (STS) have been performed on the non-polar GaN(1100) surface (m-plane). The unintentionally n-doped GaN(0001) samples were thinned down to ∼100 μm , cleaved along the m-plane in ultra high vacuum and measured in-situ by STM at room temperature. The experimental empty state topographies collected with sample bias from +2.9 V to +4.0 V show an unreconstructed surface. First principle DFT-LDA calculations of the surface electronic properties were performed. In agreement with experiment, the calculations predict a relaxed surface but no reconstruction. Two surface bands appear inside the semiconductor band gap at the borders of the surface Brillouin zone, one empty band localized on the Ga-atoms and one filled band on the N-atoms. Up to now this theoretical prediction has not been confirmed by the STS experiment.
Subject STM

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