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Germini F., Bocchi C. Study of InAs/GaAs stacked quantum dots by high resolution X-ray diffraction techniques. G. Salviati, T. Sekiguchi, S. Heun and A. Gustafsson, Eds (eds.). Trivandrum-695 023, Kerala, India: Research Signpost, T. C., 2008.
A brief outline of the structural characterization of self-organised nanostructure multilayers is given. Among the great quantities of theoretical studies and experimental approaches published in recent years, a method based on high resolution X-ray reciprocal space maps and specular X-ray reflectivity measurements has been selected and applied by way of example to the characterization of the popular self-assembled InAs quantum dots embedded in GaAs. A 2D axi-symmetric finite element analysis approach has been used to obtain the strain components inside and outside the dots. This calculation has been developed on the basis of the commercial software package FEMAP 8. A simulation of the measured reciprocal space maps based on a statistical kinematical X-ray diffraction theory, has been compared with experimental data to determine the main parameters of the quantum dots and their correlation in the multilayer structures. The aim of the work is also to demonstrate the feasibility of this kind of structural characterization by using common laboratory equipments without to have recourse to a synchrotron radiation source.
Subject Quantum dots; X-ray

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