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Korytár D., Ferrari C., Mikulik P., Germini F., Vagovic P., Baumbach T. High resolution 1D and 2D crystal optics based on asymmetric diffractors. Springer Series in Optical Sciences ed. vol. 137 A. Erko, M. Idir, T. Krist, A. G. Michette, Eds (eds.). (Springer Series in Optical Sciences). Heidelberg: Springer Berlin, 2008.
The development of high resolution X-ray measurements and imaging in real and reciprocal space is related to the development of optical elements used. Crystal diffractive optics still gives the highest resolution in reciprocal space and in energy. It made a progress in improving resolution in real space as well. In this chapter a short introduction to dynamical theory behind crystal diffractors and their coupling is given and modern 1D and 2D elements based on symmetric, asymmetric, and inclined diffractions are introduced. The design, modeling of the output parameters and experimental results are presented for a special 2-bounce V-shaped monochromator, for a monolithic 4-bounce monochromator and for a monolithic 2D beam de/magnifier.
Subject X-ray optics, 41.50.1h

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