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Munoz-Matutano G., Alen B., Martinez-Pastor J., Seravalli L., Frigeri P., Franchi S. Selective optical pumping of charged excitons in unintentionally doped InAs quantum dots. In: Nanotechnology, vol. 19 article n. 145711. IOP Publishing, 2008.
We have investigated the selective optical pumping of charged excitonic species in a sample containing quantum dots of different sizes and low areal density by photoluminescence and excitation of the photoluminescence microspectroscopy. We study the selective optical excitation of negatively charged excitons as an alternative to commonly used electrical methods. We demonstrate that under resonant excitation in impurity related bands, the selective pumping efficiency can be as high as 85% in small quantum dots having one electron shell and emitting at around 930 nm, and around 65% in big quantum dots having four electron shells and emitting at 1160 nm.
DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/19/14/145711
Subject III-V semiconductors
semiconductor quantum dots
73.21 La
78.55 Cr

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