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De Seta M., Capellini G., Evangelisti F., Ferrari C., Lazzarini L., Salviati G., Peng R. W., Jiang S. S. Effect of interlayer strain interaction on the island composition and ordering in Ge/Si (001) island superlattices. In: Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 102 article n. 043518. American Institute of Physics, 2007.
In this article we present a quantitative study of the influence of the number and the thickness of the silicon spacer layer on the optical and structural properties of single and multilayers of self-assembled Ge/Si(001) islands. By means of cathodoluminescence spectroscopy, high resolution x-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy, we will show that the island composition and strain status of single-layer samples do not depend on the silicon cap-layer thickness. On the contrary, we found that the strain interaction existing between island layers separated by a silicon spacer layer 33 nm thick (i.e., ∼3 times the mean island height), enhances the SiGe intermixing during the deposition of subsequent layers bringing to a composition inhomogeneity of the intermixed islands of about 18% along the stack. This inhomogeneity is not present in samples having a thicker spacer layer (60 nm) although the strain interaction between different layers is strong enough to drive the island stacking along the vertical direction. We conclude that the latter spacer layer thickness allows us to obtain a highly ordered three-dimensional superlattice of an island having a homogeneous size and composition along the stack itself.
DOI: 10.1063/1.2771066
Subject 68.65.Cd

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