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Felici M., Polimeni A., Salviati G., Lazzarini L., Armani N., Masia F., Capizzi M., Martelli F., Lazzarino M., Bais G., Piccin M., Rubini S., Franciosi A. In-Plane Bandgap Engineering by Modulated Hydrogenation of Dilute Nitride Semiconductors. In: Advanced Materials, vol. 18 pp. 1993 - 1997. WILEY-VCH, 2006.
La rivista non prevede abstract a parte, ma inserito nel testo: In this work, we demonstrate that a third route to the engineering of the electronic properties in the growth plane of a semiconductor can be achieved by exploiting the effect hydrogen has on dilute nitrides, such as GaAs1-xNx/GaAs (and GaP1-xNx/GaP), as we anticipated in the literature. In these material systems, the replacement of a tiny fraction (x ∼1%) of arsenic (phosphorus) atoms by nitrogen atoms leads to highly nonlinear effects in the electronic properties of the host lattice.[9,10] These include a giant reduction in the bandgap energy and a deformation of the conduction-band structure, which render this material as having high potential for telecommunications through fiber-optic cables,[11] multijunction solar cells,[12] heterojunction bipolar transistors,[13] and terahertz applications.[14] Previous experiments have shown that post-growth irradiation of GaAs1-xNx with atomic hydrogen leads to a complete reversal of the drastic bandgap reduction, as well as of other material parameters, caused by nitrogen incorporation.[ 15-19] Here, by deposition of metallic masks on and subsequent hydrogen irradiation of GaAs1-xNx, we create a planar heterostructure with zones having the bandgap of a GaAs1-xNx well surrounded by GaAs-like barriers. Alternatively, by focusing an energetic electron beam on the surface of hydrogenated GaAs1-xNx we displace hydrogen atoms from their nitrogen passivation sites, thus leading to a controlled decrease of the crystal bandgap in the spatial region where the electron beam is steered.
DOI: 10.1002/adma.200600487
Subject Cathodoluminescence (CL) technique

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