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Ferrari C., Lubbert D., Mikulik P., Pernot P., Helfen L., Verdi N., Korytar D., Baumbach T. Distribution and Burgers vectors of dislocations in semiconductor wafers investigated by rocking-curve imaging. In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 38 (1) pp. 91 - 96. IUCR, 2005.
The method called 'rocking-curve imaging' (RCI) has recently been developed to visualize lattice imperfections in large crystals such as semiconductor wafers with high spatial resolution. The method is based on a combination of X-ray rocking-curve analysis and digital X-ray diffraction topography. In this article, an extension of the method is proposed by which dislocation densities in largescale samples (semiconductor wafer crystals) can be quantified and their variation across the sample surface determined in an instrumentally simple way. Results from a nearly dislocation-free S-doped InP crystal and a semi-insulating GaAs are presented; both display a clearly non-random distribution of dislocations.
URL: http://journals.iucr.org/j/issues/2011/02/00/aj5163/aj5163.pdf
DOI: 10.1107/S0021889804028195
Subject 61.50.-f Structure of bulk crystals

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