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Cova P., Menozzi R., Portesine M., Bianconi M., Gombia E., Mosca R. Experimental and numerical study of H+ irradiated p-i-n diodes for snubberless applications. In: Solid-State Electronics, vol. 49 (2) pp. 183 - 191. Elsevier LTD, 2005.
This paper shows a comprehensive experimental and numerical investigation of proton-irradiated diodes for high-power snubberless applications. By means of DC and transient current-voltage measurements, OCVD extraction of lifetimes, C-V profiling, and DLTS trap characterization, a wide set of parameters was experimentally extracted and fed into a physically accurate mixed-mode simulation model. The numerical results are shown to be consistent with the available measured data, for example in showing the much better turn-off softness of proton-irradiated samples versus electron-irradiated ones. The complete physical/ electrical model set-up in this work can now be used as an aid in the design and development of new proton-irradiated diodes.
DOI: 10.1016/j.sse.2004.08.011
Subject P-i-n diodes
Proton irradiation

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