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Regonini D., Attolini G., Pelosi C., Watts B. E., Melioli E., Leccabue F. Progettazione e Costruzione di un Reattore MOCVD: Definizione dei Parametri per la Crescita Epitassiale di Carburo di Silicio. Rapporto interno n. 106. Technical report, 2004.
This report describes our work regarding the development of a MOCVD reactor for homo and heteroepitaxial growth of silicon carbide thin films (ASI/CNR project, contract nI/R/110/02). In first chapter, the state of the art of research into silicon carbide (SiC) is reported. Applications of this material, SiC-CVD growth conditions and SiC politypes (structures and thermal stability) are here discussed. In the second chapter the development and construction of the MOCVD reactor are described. An induction heating system for the graphitic susceptor has been designed and tested. The gas metering system with valves, filter, and mass flow controller has been assembled. We have also design and constructed an horizontal quartz growth chamber. Finally we give other general guide-lines regarding the automotion and electrical apply and we report some suggestions to complete the project.
Subject MOCVD-SiC

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