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Kopnin E., Boffa V., Marezio M., Takayama-Muromachi E., Sato A., Matsui Y., Calestani D., Licci F., Gauzzi A., Bordet P. Search for new cuprate and non-cuprate superconducting oxides. In: Institute of Physics Conference Series, vol. 181 pp. 207 - 208. IOP Publishing Ltd, 2004.
Search for new superconductors is rather difficult task . However, there are several different approaches, including theoretical and experimental ones. Theoretical approaches are usually based on the band-structure calculations. It is important also to add crystal chemical considerations. It was demonstrated to be very effective and resulted in discoveries of several families of cuprate superconductors including Hg-containing family and MgB2. Between the experimental approaches it can mention high-pressure method. It enables to stabilize the compounds which could not be prepared using the "traditional" ways. In the present work, we report synthesis and characterization of three different oxide families in the framework of search for new superconductors.
Subject oxides, superconductors, structure

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