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Regonini D., Attolini G., Pelosi C., Watts B. E., Melioli E., Leccabue F. Aspetti Generali della Crescita Epitassiale MOCVD. Rapporto interno n. 103. Technical report, 2003.
In the present work a short general view of MOCVD epitaxial growth has been reported, but most considerations can be extended to others CVD systems. In the section on gas handling systems, mass flow and pressure controllers, valves and filters, that are necessary to achieve reproducibility and good performances in a CVD plant, are described. Properties of metallorganic precursors, different type of reactors and various heating systems are discussed to introduce the guidelines of our project concerning the realization of a MOCVD reactor for silicon carbide epitaxial growth. At the end, a briefly description of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), usually employed to automate the various CVD operations, has been also reported.
Subject MOCVD epitaxial growth
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

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