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Zappettini A., Gombia E., Pietralunga S. M. Electro-optic semiconductor modulators. Patent n. WO03052431. Registered in Parma on 2001.
An electro-optic (EO) device having a high-resistivity semiconducting crystal and a method of operating such a device. The local shielding of the externally applied field lowers the EO effect, which can be partially or completely inhibited particularly in the low-frequency regime, i.e., less than about 105 Hz. By holding a high-resistivity semiconducting crystal at a suitable temperature, EO response and efficiency are improved, in particular for light signals that are non-modulated or modulated at low frequencies. Preferably, the temperature at which the semiconducting crystal is held during functioning is between 50 and 150 C. Enhancement of the EO effect has been demonstrated also for EO devices operating at relatively large optical powers, i.e., larger than about 0.1 mW.
Subject Electro-optic device

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