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Diodati A., Leccabue F., Watts B. E., Melioli E., Meletti G., Battaglioli M., Bocelli G., Rodriguez H., Seuret D., Vasco E. Deposizione e Caratterizzazione di Film Sottili Mediante Ablazione Laser Impulsata. Rapporto interno n. 83. Technical report, 1996.
The laser deposition apparatus has been developed including some new approaches in order to have good reproducibility of the processes involved in the ablation deposition. PZT thin films on different substrates (Si/Si02/Ti/Pt, Si/Si02/Ru02, MgO, YBCO) were grown and characterised structurally, and morphologically. The main the goal was to obtain oriented or epitaxial perovskite films. PLZT and LCM thin films were also grown on different substrates. Further efforts will be devoted to improve the deposition process introducing a multitarget system, an atmosphere of atomised oxygen, and an oscillating target scanning system.
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