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Seuret D., Melioli E., Leccabue F., Watts B. E., Galassi C., Capiani C. Electromechanical Application of PZT Ceramics. Power Transformer. Rapporto interno n. 80. Technical report, 1995.
For many years, quartz single crystals were the only resonant electromechanical materials used in electronic circuits. The advantages of piezoelectric ceramics in the lowfrequency range up to a few MHz over strongly piezoelectric nonferroelectric single crystals such as quartz, depends on the low price of ceramic manufacturing and the high dielectric constant as is shown in Table I. Piezoelectricity is the coupling between elastic energy and dielectric energy. To the electrical engineer, an electrostatic effect implies high impedance. This is desirable for a few applications but a limitation for the majority.....
Subject Piezoelectric properties

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