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Murillo N., Barandiaran J. M., Leccabue F., Watts B. E., Panizzieri R. Influence of the Fabrication Parameters on the Properties of Magnetic Alloys Prepared by Melt Spinning. Rapporto interno n. 81. Technical report, 1995.
The aim of this work was the preparation by melt spinning of nanocrystalline alloys FeSiB and FeNbCuSiB substituting Nb by Ta and Mo to verify their influente on the microstructural and magnetic properties. A detailed study was carried out on the different fabrication parameters such as wheel speed, gas ivjection pressure, melt temperature, ampoule-wheel distance. Other alloys produced were Fe88Zr12 and Fe80Zr10B10. Moreover, preliminary studies of the preparation and characterization of alloys with GMR properties has been undertaken: in particular, Cu100-xCox and Cu100-xMnx were prepared by melt spinnng.
Subject Melt spinning

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