Istituto dei materiali per l'elettronica ed il magnetismo     
Rodriguez H., Watts B. E., Leccabue F., Melioli E., Panizzieri R., Meletti G. Pulsed Laser Ablation Deposition for the Preparation of Oxide Thin Films. Rapporto interno n. 77. Technical report, 1994.
As thin films compound oxides such as ferroelectrics, ferrites, superconductors, bioceramics have a wide range of potential applications. These range from the incorporation of magnetic and ferroelectrics materials in electronic circuitry to coatings of body implants with biocompatible materials. Till now the use of these oxides has been limited to bulk material-based applications, prepared by conventional ceramic methods for which high annealing or sintering temperatures (≥ 1000C) are often required......
Subject PLD Technique

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