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Diaz S., Leccabue F., Watts B. E., Panizzieri R., Motta A., Albanese G., Ghidini M. Novel Preparation Techniques for Hexagonal Ferrites. Rapporto interno n. 75. Technical report, 1993.
In 1952 mention was made for the first time of a group of new materials called Ferroxdure; an oxide material with hexagonal stucture of the genera1 formula MFel2019, where M is one or more of the divalent metals Ba, Sr and Pb. Compared with other materials used in permanent magnets (see Table I) hexagonal ferrites are characterized: i) by a high coercivity (iHc= 3-4 kOe) combined with a remanence, which although is not very high (4 kGauss), is feasible for practical purposes; ii) by the low price per unit of available magnetic energy, because they do not contain expensive materials (e.g. rare earths, cobalt, etc.) and they are relatively easy to manufacture. In fact, the 1992 sales of hexagonal ferrites in United States had a value of 500 millions dollars or 60% of the total permanent magnet market reflecting a 11% annual growth, a constant trend in the last two decades [l].....
Subject Ferroxdure

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