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Calderon Pinar F., Watts B. E., Leccabue F., Panizzieri R., Melioli E. Ferroelectric Materials for Infra-Red Sensors. Rapporto interno n. 76. Technical report, 1993.
The phenomenon of pyroelectricity is not new, it has a history of 2300 years [l]. The first description of the pyroelectric effect was published by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus in his book "On Stones". The first serious scientific work was presented to thc Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin by Aepinus in 1756. In the nineteenth century David Brewster was the first author to use the term "pyroelectricity" in a paper published in 1824, entitled "Observation of the Pyroelectricity of Minerals"....
Subject Infra-Red Sensors

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