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Leccabue F., Panizzieri R., Demin X., Jian-Gao Z., Sanchez Llamazares J. Liquid Quenching of Magnetic Alloys Using The Melt Spinning Technique. Rapporto interno n. 56. Technical report, 1989.
Amorphous materials have been extensively studied in the last three decades because of their interesting and applicable physical and electromagnetic properties. Today, it is already possible to find on the market several kind of devices based on amorphous or microcrystalline magnetic materials, such as high permeability and low loss audio amorphous magnetic heads and transformers, high energy plastic bonded or bulk magnets, high quality magnetostrictive sensors. A general view of the applications of the amorphous magnetic materials is given in the Table I.....
Subject Liquid Quenching Technique

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