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Ghezzi C., Zanotti L. Chemical and Physical Methods for Determining the Composition of PbTe - SnTe Binary System. Rapporto interno n. 26. Technical report, 1975.
PbxSn1-xTc is a semiconducting material with a band gap which depends on the parameter x (where x may have values 0 ≤ x ≤1), therefore its chemical composition is one of the main factors influencing its chemical properties and must be accurately determined. The phase equilibria of the pseudobinary system PbTe-SnTe have been investigated by a number of researchers who determined the phase diagram (1), (2), and agreed that the PbTe-SnTe system formed a complete set of solid solutions. PbxSn1xTe single crystals are usually obtained either from the melt, by Bridgman and Czochralski methods or from vapour nhase (3).......
Subject PbTe - SnTe binary system

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