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Conti M., Corda G., Matteucci R., Ghezzi C. Oxidation Stacking Faults in Epitaxial Silicon Crystals. Rapporto interno n. 25. Technical report, 1975.
Oxidation stacking-faults (SFs) in epitaxial silicon crystals have been studied by means of preferential etch and X-ray topography. SFs lie on (111) planes and are surrounded by a partial Frank dislocation. Nucleation takes place at crystallographic defects located near the surface of epitaxial layers. These defects appear as etch hillocks after preferential etch. SF length as a function of temperature and time for different thermal treatments is reported. The SF length is controlled by an activation energy of 2.6 e V. This energy, which is nearly one half of the self diffusion activation energy of silicon, supports n SF growth nechanism controlled by vacancy emission.
Subject Stacking Faults (SFs)

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