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Paorici C., Attolini G., Pelosi C., Zuccalli G. Chemical-Transport Mechanisms in the Cd:Te:H:I System. Rapporto interno n. 19. Technical report, 1973.
The vapour phase CT-mechanisms in closed tube are investigated for the Cd:Te:H:I system. The experimental results are compared with the theoretical previsions put forward on the basis of a proposed thermodynamic model. It is concluded that the cloced-tube CT mechanisms are mainly governed by (1) diffusive transport of th sublimation products of CdTe at low pressures, (2) diffusion and laminar flow of the gaseous species involved in iodine (I2(g), I(g), HI(g)) - assisted CT processes at intermediate pressures, and thermal convection, and (3) SLV-processes at still higher pressures.
Subject Cd:Te:H:I System

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