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Martinelli F., Matteucci I., Bistarelli S., Santini F. A Formal and Run-time Framework for the Adaptation of Local Behaviours to Match a Global Property. In: FACS 2016 - The 13th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software (Besanšon, France, 19-10 2016). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 18. -, 2016.
We address the problem of automatically identifying what local properties the agents of a Cyber Physical System have to satisfy to guarantee a global required property . To enrich the picture, we consider properties where, besides qualitative requirements on the actions to be performed, we assume a weight associated with them: quantitative properties are specied through a weighted modal-logic. We propose both a formal machinery based on a Quantitative Partial Model Checking function on contexts, and a run-time machinery that algorithmically tries to check if the local behaviours proposed by the agents satisfy . The proposed approach can be seen as a run-time decomposition, privacy sensitive in the sense agents do not have to disclose their full behaviour.
Subject Model-based adaptation
Cyber-physical systems
D.4.6 Security and Protection (Access Control) C.2.2 Network Protocols (SIP)

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