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Costantino G., Martinelli F., Santini F., Bistarelli S. Improving Role-based Access to Android Applications with JCHR. In: IWSMA 2014 - IWSMA 2014 - The 3rd International Workshop on Security of Mobile Applications (Fribourg, 11/09 2014). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 9. To appear, 2014.
In this paper we show how deductive and abductive reasoning in distributed authorisation can be efficiently ported to Android. Such logical-inference processes prove to be important tools due to the intrinsic autonomic-nature of these mobile devices. Both deduction and abduction are represented by using CHR, a high-level declarative constraint programming-language, and implemented in JCHR (CHR hosted in Java). To represent credentials we elaborate on RT W , a weighted Role-based Trust- management family of languages: CHR programs are developed after such languages. In general, having weights associated with credentials leads to a more informative reasoning; for instance, access can be granted only if the total uncertainty is less than 20%, or we can optimise between 20% and 80% when two (or more) access-paths are selectable using the same set of credentials.
Subject CHR, Constraint Handling Rules
Smartphone, Trust

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